Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH & Co. KG


The company Adolf Nissen Elektrobau, founded in 1914, is located in Tönning, Germany.

The era of traffic safety units began in the middle of the fifties by developing a road hazard warning lamp which was applied for a patent by Nissen in 1956. Since then the company Adolf Nissen Elektrobau became well-known all over the world and rose to leadership on the world market, with subsidiary companies in France, Great Britain, Poland and Switzerland. The reason for this is not least the fact that practically all units and devices of Nissen's wide range of products correspond with national and international standards.

Nissen develops and produces LED variable message signs as well as the corresponding software NiNa Nissen Navigation System for remote monitoring and control of the signs. In addition to NiNa Nissen Navigation System Nissen offers a mobile queue warning system NiNa Traffic. This system has interfaces for connecting it with existing traffic management systems.

Additionally our actual product line comprises such

  • Signal lamps for road works
  • Traffic signal units
  • Signal lamps for traffic guidance
  • Advance warning lamps with electronic xenon flash, halogen light or with LED
  • Securement of roadworks on the move
  • Warning trailers and advance warning trailers
  • LED variable message signs and LED advance warning trailers
  • Traffic cones
  • Beacon systems
  • Traffic calming systems
  • Navigation and landing help for air traffic


Our products are designed for protecting human life!

Therefore it is our intention to only produce high-quality products and services. Since 1995 the permanent improvement of our quality level is confirmed by annual certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


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