momatec GmbH offers ALMO® software solutions and consulting services for traffic management and road maintenance depots using portable electronic traffic equipment.

  • ALMO® makes it possible to safeguard and monitor road works
  • ALMO® enables service providers, maintenance depots and traffic centres to monitor the traffic situation and to identify traffic jams automatically with mobile traffic sensors.
  • ALMO® supports all relevant traffic related formats and protocols such as MDM, DATEX, DORA or VWD.
  • ALMO® enables the monitoring of the operating state of warning trailers, prewarners, LED displays, traffic sensors and electronic traffic equipment.
  • ALMO® enables the user to program your LED display panels anytime from anywhere.

momatec supports its customers, to use the possibilities of temporary portable  electronic traffic equipment for many other use cases 

  • usage at large construction sites
  • usage at critical areas of the construction site
  • traffic routing
  • filtering into traffic streams
  • detection and display of travel times
  • integration of traffic data and display states in traffic centres
  • recieving data and display programs from traffic centres